The Deli Magazine Review & A fun few weeks ahead!

Tonight we are playing a show at Gleason’s in Peekskill NY for their 2nd Anniversary party – which should be a blast – party starts at 9 and music is on at 10 – so thats gonna be a blast


Tomorrow we are playing the Brooklyn Wildlife’s 2014 Summer Fest at The Paperbox in Brooklyn with 50+ live artists!

Now the last show we played with BK Wildlife (Christoper Carrs brainchild) we met so many great artists and got a great review from Deli Magazine ( ) by our friend Jason Grimste. SO to be part of the Summer fest tomorrow? We are excited to say the least.


We go on at 6:50 – check out the facebook event for more details here :

There will be food and drink and great people !

Other Upcoming events :

Friday September 12 – Quinns in Beacon, NY w/ Toy Cities


Saturday October 4th – Beacons Annual Iron Pour


Higher Animals & Lobo Marino

Met these coolies at the Peekskill Coffee House one day. We were on our way to band practice up the street and they were setting up to play a show. We played through a set and took a break to go catch the ed of their set – Jameson was crazy on the percssion while Laney sang and wanged out on her keyboard/synth/accordian like melodium? ANyways – they were fun to watch and a joy to listen to.

After finishing their set they followed us back to our practice space and heard the second set for our upcoming show while laney did yoga and jameson wrote in his notebook and swayed to our jammy jams.

SOOOO from our experience – these are great people and great musicians – check them out ( ) and come to our show this Wednesday to hear both of our projects play at Dogwood in Beacon NY.

You know – if you’re free on a Wednesday night – and come on what else is going on? 🙂


See you then Lovers



Hey guys –

So this past month has been a lot of fun for us.

We played at the Birdsall house this past Saturday and were asked to play a Battle of the Bands this upcoming Friday, (thats July 25th if your free!)


With so much going on in all of our lives, it’s always nice to see old faces at our shows. It’s such a comfort to know that we have a group, a family of people that we have connected with over the years that haven’t gotten sick of us and our loud music 🙂 and make the time to come out and support us.


We are currently looking to start booking more shows down in NYC and (surprise!) other states (do i sense a tour??)

If any of you have any idea or advice of places to play near your – please feel free to write us .. we are looking for adventure and hope that we get to enjoy at least little bit of it with you!

Here are the facebook events for our next two shows. and thanks for all of your support!

GLEASON’S – July 25 @ 9 pm 

Deli Magazine 10 year Anniversary Party – July 26 (time TBD)







This Thursday, May 29th, we’ll be joinging the stage with some old friends from San Francisco – YESWAY! Really looking forward to this…

Website stats

Ok- so I randomly monitor our site stats, and this morning this is what I saw


Hey there Japan! Iraq! And the UK? Oh yeah- hello mum and dad… 🙂

I’m really excited that about the feedback we’ve been getting about the album – thanks everyone who got one. It really helps to see all the support coming in from people we’ve met the last 2 1/2 years – you guys are the best!

I’ll be posting a few of the messages I’ve been getting from people after I’ve asked their permission…
If you’ve listened and want to say something about the new album, please talk to us! You can contact us through or message us on Facebook … We would love to hear from you.

Anyways- time to walk around in the sunshine.
Later dudes,


ALright –  albums out and we had some amazing release shows… lotsa great people dancing and hangin and taking pictures! Kevin Michael Winterfield took some sweet pics of our Birdsall House Cd Release show – per usual – that you can check out on his facebook page  and instagram. 10339539_1427884644132079_2997890884545534694_o Couple people got a chance to record the Dogwood show, so we may have a live record in the making as we speak!   As for the album that has been released – you can pick up a copy at one of our upcoming shows, or purchase/download it here on our BANDCAMP PAGE .

The next couple weeks we’ll be booking shows for the summer and working on some new music  – so hit us up if you have any sweet spots near you we should contact. LOVE and THANKS to everyone who helped us out! Pete Vardy for doing merch and Jason Hughes and friends for doing sound, all our fans for dancing and clapping which is always good…. and the other thing.

talk soon boogers – Mimi